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Creative Engagement Strategy

Digital. Mobile. Social. Influential. Audible. Artificial. Virtual. Augmented.


As consumer behaviors change, so do the channels through which their attention can be earned. But too frequently, brands rely on outdated engagement strategies that are not optimized to reach today’s connected consumer. Adding to this challenge, brand efforts to engage with consumers via new media are too often treated as stand-alone, single-shot experiments, with binary measurement strategies that restrict progressive thinking.


With experience across a wide range of traditional and new media strategies, I bring my clients a wide range of engagement strategies, from the tried-and-true to the bleeding-edge and beyond.


Program Activation and Project Management

“How can we do that?”


It’s one of my favorite questions. Because I love discovering the answer.


My deep experience with implementing digital and social marketing programs is complemented by natural curiosity and instinct for how people use technology. These, plus an extensive network of best-in-class creation, implementation and development partners, enable an end-to-end solution for bringing your message to consumers. Where existing internal or external partners are in place, I’ll bring the skills needed and a collaborative attitude. No pride of ownership here, as long as the job is done.

Organizational Education and Change Leadership

Often, the most difficult job a marketer has is changing the approach to their customer. Inertia is a powerful force when individual and group success is on the line, and even the best “internal champions” are at times limited in their ability to effect change.


As an experienced third party voice, I can help to educate stakeholders and evolve organizational thinking to welcome new approaches to marketing. By focusing less on complex digital technology and more on relatable human behavior, I seek to simplify the digital media landscape and inspire confidence and participation in change.


Logo Design
Product Design
UX / UI Process

if you do it right, it will last forever.

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